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Pet monkey for sale, We are a small family of monkeys located in Usa we have been breeding Monkeys for 15 years now we have well trained monkeys for adoption at very affordable prices. We make sure this Monkeys are well trained and can be a good pet to monkey lovers. We provide you the best Monkeys vet checked and up to date on shots and you will be getting health papers once you buy from Awesome compagnons our available Monkeys are ready to show you all the love and care you need from them.

Why choose Awesome Companions 

We offer you the best monkey at very affordable prices which means every capuchin and other monkeys lover can afford to own our babies. More to that, we offer fast delivery wide world to reach the needs of Capuchin and other monkeys lovers get the best capuchin monkey for adoption here at Awesome Companions. monkeys for sale
We offer health guarantee to all our Capuchin and other monkeys you have nothing to worry about the Capuchin and other you will be getting comes with vet papers and heath certificate. We have agents working 24hours to meet your needs. 
customer satisfaction is our number one priority so we offer money back grantee to customers who change their mind about get a Capuchin for one or two reasons.

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