Live Animal Transport Service

As a personal note I have been shipping live animals using various airlines over the last 15 years. Although the process may seem scary and long, I want you to trust my experience and the care we will take to send your baby. Airline transportation is extremely efficient, fast and safe oftentimes more effective than a VERY long car ride. When I am sending out or even picking up new critters for the ranch the handlers are attentive and excited to be caring for such unusual creatures.


We Ship our live animals using Global Freight shippers or UPS. They provide a same day delivery service to your closest major airport, where you pick up your baby. Your baby arrives to you within hours of leaving our home. The animal cabins are pressure and  temperature controlled to keep your baby comfortable during the flight. We have been shipping our live animals for over 10 years and it has allowed hundreds of families and facilities receive their babies when driving is not an option. For long distances, I believe it is safer and faster for everyone than hours spent driving in the car. 

*When flying our fur babies is not an option due to weather or other circumstances we do also offer . Delivery would be made in person and the animals would be fully attended for the trip.




Current shipping price for small animals is $150. The shipping price for large animals can go up to $350, and $500 if out of America Cost includes airline ticket, shipping container, supplies, vet health certificate if required and paperwork preparation & handling. 

*Ground transportation ranges $100-$300 

Our Process

We take shipments to the airport every day – . Once your deposit is placed  we will contact you via email to get the closest serviceable airport, if it was not given to us, and to confirm an arrival date. Once we have that information we will send you an invoice for the balance for the baby plus the transport fee. Once the invoice is paid, we can book the flight. Flights must be booked a few days before the arrival date, so the invoice must be paid . We call the airlines, arrange all bookings, and complete all necessary paperwork. We will email all flight information to you for final review by the end of the day before your arrival date. You will also receive tracking info that can be used to track the baby. 

Airports we can ship to:

We can ship to most major airports – we can locate the closest serviceable airport to you. 


How babies are packed:

Weather, age, size and airline requirements are all things that we must consider before packing your baby for airline travel. We have many different shipping containers and kennels that we can use. We use our best judgment and pack your baby as spaciously as possible. Babies are packed with food and water or fruit. We pack enough food to last for at least 24 hours in the event of a delay. For animals going to colder climates, we send babies with 48 hour heat pads. 

Arrival Day:

The babies are required to be checked in at least 2 hours prior to their first departing flight. We put the babies in their kennels and take them in to the airport for check-in. At check-in the flights and times are double-checked to verify that there are no current delays or changes and then the babies are left in the care of the shipping agents. 


You will be given the flight information for your babies arrival and you will know the time that your baby will be arriving. If all of the flights are on-time your baby will most likely be able to be picked up 25 to 45 min after the flight lands. The actual pick-up location varies with each airport. Some airports have a separate cargo building that the animals are transferred to off of the plane; other airports have pick-up locations at the ticket counter or baggage claim office. You will be provided with your flight’s pick-up location in your flight confirmation email.